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Valentine's is over but you can still Spread the Love in Brookside

Spread the Love - donatate a spreadible item at participating businessesStill in the giving mood? Visit participating businesses in the Brookside Shops to donate, help those in need and “Spread the Love” through the end of February. Spread the Love is a peanut butter and jelly drive benefiting the JFS Food Pantry on 63rd Street. Each month, our friends at JFS distribute approximately 700 jars of peanut butter to individuals and families in need. Jelly is also extremely popular but costly for food pantries to purchase through food networks. The drive helps collect the much need resource and has a goal of collecting 2000 jars of peanut butter and other spreadable. As a thank you for your donation, participating businesses are offering a thank you benefit.

How can you help? Donate an unopened, non-perishable spread like peanut butter, jelly, Nutella, almond butter or similar at a participating Brookside business (look for the donate here signs on store windows). The following businesses are offering thank you gifts through February 28th for your generous donations or cash contributions. For more details visit participating businesses.

  • World’s Window, 332 W 63rd St - With any donation of 5 jars or $15, customer will receive a "FREE" stamp on their customer Frequent Shopper Card. No limit on the number of stamps a customer can receive with donations. Our World's Window goal is to gather 200 jars.
  • a store named STUFF, 316 W 63rd St - Free $4 PURSUE GOOD STUFF Bumper Sticker with a donation of two items at our store location.
  • Mail Pkgs Etc, 6300 Main St – 10% discount on air shipping
  • barre3, 18 W 63rd St –Get 15% off 1 retail item per jar donated. Members get 25% off.
  • COCO brookside, 112 W 63rd St - 10% off your purchase with your donation
  • Lady Bye, 6245 Brookside Plaza - 10% off your purchase with your donation

100% of donations benefit the JFS food pantry. JFS is located on 63rd between Oak and Holmes, is a full service social agency, with two full-size food pantries serving over 800 area families and providing everything from food to diapers to pet foods. JFS also provides non-denominational services including mental health, senior services, and other life services. Learn more about JFS here.

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