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Sandra Neumann named Brookside's 2023 honorary Ms. Irish!

2023 Brookside Ms Irish Sandra NeumannCongratulations to Brookside’s 2023 Ms. Irish, Sandra Neumann, Owner, Brookside Gallery and Framing!
Each year the Brookside Business Association selects a business owner or other contributor to the Brookside Shops to serve as the honorary Mr. and/or Mrs. Irish for the Brookside St. Patrick's Day Warm-Up Parade. This year’s honoree is Sandra Neumann, Owner, Brookside Gallery and Framing. Sandra has owned and operated the gallery for 20 years. She began as an employee in 2003 and then purchased the business in 2004. “The best part of the business is the people. It’s like a second family. I meet so many great people and love learning about their artwork and the stories behind it and why they’re having it framed. I learn a lot about my customers and Kansas City through artwork I see and the histories shared.” Beyond that she loves being part of the Brookside Shops which she describes as a sanctuary from the big city. “I love the friendliness, and family atmosphere. It’s a personal experience, you’re not just a number. You can actually carry on a conversation in the store. It’s just so comfortable.”

Established in 1981, Brookside Gallery and Framing handles a wide range of artwork from sports memorabilia, children’s artwork, shadowboxes, to original works that require museum quality attention. Visit the Brookside Gallery and Frame Shop at 114 West 63rd Street and congratulate Sandra in person and learn firsthand about why they were voted the Kansas City metro’s Best Framing Store in 2022.

What Sandra looks forward to most about being Brookside’s 2023 honorary Ms. Irish
“I’m so excited and honored. It’s awesome! It’s going to be so much fun. My cheeks will probably get tired from grinning and waiving. It will be fun.” We love Sandra “O’Neumann’s” enthusiasm! Cheer on Sandra Saturday, March 11th at 2pm near the front of the parade behind 2023 Grand Marshal KSHB 41 news anchor and Brookside resident Lindsay Shively.

What Sandra Loves about Brookside and her customers
“When you come to my shop you are entering my business home. We visit with you about your artwork, the history of your piece and the look you desire for it. We meet so many nice people and see such interesting pieces of art. We care for each piece. Our label is on the back and that is our reputation.”

“We been there since 1981 and it’s such a nice place to have a frame shop, any shop. Brookside is like a small town – family, friends. You get to hear stories of why they brought it and where it came from. It’s personal service. Someone comes in and you recognize them and remember what they did. It’s a very nice place to have a frame shop. We just really love this business.”

Some of the most fun and interesting things that Sandra’s framed
“We had the cocktail napkin that the drawing was made for Kaufmann Center. We had to figure out a way of framing a cocktail napkin. We had the flag that was flown at Abraham Lincoln’s funeral and tattered and torn. And figuring out how to make it solid and yeh. Everything And like some child’s artwork they did in kindergarten, and you put it in a museum frame, and it’s looks like it’s beautiful. All kinds of different things. And of course, jerseys!”

“One piece that stands out in my memory is a gentleman brought in a jolly rancher he’s going to give to his wife for a valentine’s present because they shared that when they were first dating. Here’s this little jolly rancher and we put a gold museum type frame – ornate gold. Here it is. Here it is. Here’s the jolly rancher on silk. It was so gorgeous. It was just so cool.”

Whatever you cherish and love, Sandra and Brookside Gallery and Framing will find a way match your theme, capture its importance, make it look beautiful and preserve it for generations. Congratulations again Sandra!

114 W. 63rd Street
Kansas City, MO 64113
(816) 822-2211

Store Hours
10a – 5:30p – Monday – Friday
10a – 4:30p – Saturday
Closed Sunday

2023 Brookside St. Patrick's Warm Up Parade Sat, March 11th at 2pm