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Parade Grand Marshal, Gary Lezak guarantees 100% chance of "Sunny" at the Brookside St. Pat's Warm-Up Parade!

Gary, Sunny & Its a Sunny Life bookJoin us at the 39th Annual Brookside St. Patrick’s Day Warm-Up Parade this Saturday, March 16th at 2 pm. The parade will be led by our 2019 Grand Marshal KSHB’s Chief Meteorologist Gary Lezak and his dog Sunny (the weather dog)! We know there is no guarantee of the near perfect weather forecast for Saturday, but we thought it certainly can’t hurt to have to have Kansas City’s most accurate meteorologist with us at hte parade. With over 33 years as a meteorologist, Gary is a recognized authority on weather and the science behind it. He became Chief Meteorologist at KSHB, 41 Action News in 1999 and has been recognized since as the most accurate in Kansas City and No. 1 in forecasting the entire time.

Gary, a 25 year resident of Kansas City, and his dog Sunny are crowd favorites and we love when they join us in Brookside. Gary is an avid animal lover and is known for sharing air-time with his well-known dogs. He’s very excited to share the spotlight this Saturday. “Sunny The Weather Dog is excited about being in her first parade!” She also joins Gary all over the Kansas City metro as he educates classes about weather and his personal battle with cancer in 1999, and his beautiful children's story called “It’s A Sunny Life.”

Beyond sharing his life experiences, Gary is known for constantly studying weather, tracking and analyzing recurring patterns and cycles. Did you know he’s the author of a scientific discovery? In 2018 his peer-reviewed paper was published, citing his discovery that the weather patterns were cycling (a lot like our Brookside parade) and accurate weather forecasts could be made using this new technology.

We’re honored to have not only such an intellectual, but all around great guy as our 2019 Grand Marshal!