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Inspired Child at Border Star Montessori Elementary School

A 12-foot outdoor sculpture titled Inspired Child was installed in Brookside on May 19, and dedicated on Saturday, May 21 at the southeast corner of 63rd and Brookside Blvd.

Inspired Child at Border Star Montessori Elementary SchoolThe creation of this work was a collaborative effort between students, professional ceramist Paul Storms, art teacher Lee Anne Snozek and Paul Dorrell, owner of Leopold Gallery. The Border Star PTA and parents raised the funds and students in the upper grades worked on the sculpture. The piece is made of stoneware, stainless steel and cast glass.

Once the plans were approved, Storms and Snozek actually worked with the students at the KC Clay Guild, where they let their creative juices flow and learned more about the world of ceramics, glass and other types of art medium.

Lee Anne Snozek, retired art teacher from Border Star, designed and helped create the piece. Paul Storms is a KCAI grad and Artist in Residence at the KC Clay Guild. Paul Dorrell assisted with the concept and oversaw the installation. Creative Displays provided the bucket truck to help with installation.

Inspired Child is a playful design that represents growth and joy. It will wave slightly with the wind. Now Brookside has its very own "thingamajigs" or miniature "sky stations!"