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Congratulations to 2024 honorary Mrs. Irish, Jerri Brandon!

Jerri-Brandon-owner-of-Brookside-Party-WarehouseCongratulations to Brookside’s 2024 Ms. Irish, Jerri Brandon, Owner, Brookside Party Warehouse!
Each year the Brookside Business Association selects a business or property owner or other contributor to the Brookside Shops to serve as the honorary Mr. and/or Mrs. Irish during the annual St. Patrick’s Warm Up Parade. This year’s honoree is Jerri Brandon, owner, Brookside Party Warehouse. Jerri purchased the business in December 2021, but has worked in Brookside since 2005. “I started here in 2005. The owner then stole me from across the street at Tuesday Morning (previously located where Westlake Ace Hardware is currently) and she changed ownership in 2014. As the years went by the new owner and I decided that we should be working towards me buying a store.” It was an easy choice after she became hooked on Brookside and doesn’t plan on leaving anytime soon “There's not a lot I don't love about Brookside - the community, the people, the shops, even the parking isn't the worst thing ever. I've made a lot of friends here and I plan on being here until they have to haul me out of here in a cart. It's just my favorite.”

Jerri has great memories of the past parades and excited for great weather for 2024 and to finally be in the parade
“I remember every parade. I don't think I missed one.” When asked what her favorite memories are Jerri’s love of the parade and everyone that participates shined through. “Gosh, just the kids and the kids and the kids and the kids. So many kids. So many floats. I will miss some old friends. Jan Buerge’s float (World’s Window’s giant puppets), always was my one of my favorites. The bands - always fun. The drum core - always fun. And the kids are always fun.”

Jerri-and-Blaine-2024_Mrs-and-Mr-IrishSpeaking of shining, the forecast for Saturday, March 16th is sunny with a high in the 60s and Jerri couldn’t be happier. “It's really, really an honor and I'm really excited and the weather's going to be perfect.” Great weather isn’t always the case. “The weather is always the thing that we wait and wait and wait. Last year it poured rain, not the best year. 15 years ago it was so cold. My grandchildren and I were frozen on the sidewalk out here.”

As the owner of a party supply store, Jerri loves the parade, but it’s been hard to participate and she’s honored to be in the parade. “I am so excited to be in this parade. I've wanted to be in the parade forever and we're busy on St Patrick's Day as a store, so we've just never been able to have a float or, you know, be in the parade. I've followed up and I've done some volunteering, but to actually ride in a car in the parade and wave at people. I yell at all my friends when they drive by so I expect everyone to yell for me and say “hey”. The idea of it, it's an honor.” Jerri’s enthusiasm has even rubbed off on Mr. Irish. “My husband (Blaine) is even excited, and he wasn't too terribly. So it's gonna be fun!”

Jerri-Brandon-owner-of-Brookside-Party-Warehouse-and-her-employeesJerri and Brookside Party Warehouse play a special role during St. Patrick’s festivities
Jerri helps so many find ways to enhance their St. Patrick’s celebrations and look there best for the celebration. “Ahead of time, it's decorations for their yards, for their floats, for their cars, for their offices and I have all of that. A lot of traditional people have big, corned beef dinners, so they come ahead of time to get their plates and napkins and green tablecloths. The day of the parade, the morning of the parade, it's poly shakers and hats and you know, cheerleader shakers and hats and mustaches and costumes and tights. We may not sell a lot of tights this year because it's going to be warm. And of course, T-shirts and beads. During the parade, we always have silly string.”

Brookside Party Warehouse is favorite destination for kids on parade Saturday, and it wouldn’t be as fun without silly string, beads and buttons. “The kids, they just, the parents love their kids. They just send them with money and I send them out with string. The neighbors probably don't like me, but the kids love me. And of course, everybody needs a bead or a button. Everybody should be Irish. I have plenty of options and there's plenty more.”

Congratulations again Jerri! Learn more about Jerri and Brookside Party Warehouse here.


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