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Brookside Gathers to #KneelForNine

On Saturday, June 13th, at 2:30pm, merchants gathered with residents of Brookside and residents from across the metro to kneel for nine minutes. Families and friends arrived with masks, signs and open hearts for a peaceful demonstration in honor of George Floyd and in solidarity with the Black community. The event was part of the national #KneelForNine movement which encouraged people to kneel in solidarity to grieve and show support for change. Approximately 600 people were in attendance along 63rd Street in Brookside, including many Brookside merchants who closed their stores to step outside and participate. Thank you to all those who showed up to be part of this powerful nationwide statement.

The event just one of many held nationally on June 13th at 2:30 pm with events from Wisconsin to Alabama. Participants were encouraged to join together or just kneel where ever they were at 2:30 pm in whatever time zone they were in. Even if kneeling alone, participants would know that they were joining people across the country who are doing the exact same thing at that same time to make a change.