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Hank of Hair barber shopLocated at 6315 Brookside Plaza, Hank of Hair barber shop knows the secret to running a successful business. Opening their doors in 1977, they were quickly set back with a devastating fire. With resilience, they rebuilt and can now claim nearly 4 decades at their current location.

Owner Hank Gioia and 2 skilled barbers share a passion for keeping the true art form of haircutting a full barbershop experience. In the fast-paced world in which we live today, it is such a treat to take a step back in time and visit with professionals that truly are masters of their craft. Using the Roffler Razor technique sets them apart and allows the client to have a clean and sleek cut just as they would have in years past. Gioia and team also offer shaves, facials and Framesi color for men.

Catering to each individual is their goal, and with that comes a variation in hours of operation. Generally open at 8:00am Tuesday-Saturday, it is best to call 816-523-6020 to find a time that works for you. Look for the new barber pole and step back in time (with a new big screen TV!). Brookside thanks you and looks forward to another 38 years of service!