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The Perfect Match

Proprietor of Baskin Robbins Ice Cream & Topsy’s Popcorn, Bob Ramm purchased the building at 101 W. 63rd St., home to Brookside Party Warehouse earlier this year. In July, construction began and the transformation is nearing completion with Baskin Robbin’s/Topsy’s in the same building with Brookside Party Warehouse– what a great combination for all your party needs!

Baskin Robbins Ice CreamThe ice cream shop is a bit larger than the previous space near Wornall Rd. and includes a basement. Everything in the store is new including counters, refrigerators, freezers, furniture, lighting, sinks, and even a public restroom. They even added a candy case. Two Plasma TV’s were installed to promote the menus and specials. Manager, Becky Davison, says she “is thrilled with her new shop.”

Inside 103 W. 63rd St., Brookside Party Warehouse consolidated their space by a third but were able to streamline the space into greater efficiencies. The checkout area was moved, the entranceway added, and new flooring and ceiling will be coming soon. Store manager Jerri Brandon, says, “We still have the cream of the cream, after sorting out and removing obsolete merchandise. And everyone is thrilled with the new exterior.” Still to come is the installation of a slate roof, granite covered concrete seating and flower beds.

Congratulations and thanks to Bob Ramm and company for the major reinvestment made in Brookside!