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Sewer Improvement Project in the Neighborhood

A new sewer rehab project is underway in the Town Fork Creek Basin and is generally bounded by Swope Parkway on the east, Valley Road on the west, Brush Creek on the north, and 77th St. on the south. Started in September, field crews began conducting sewer cleaning, manhole inspections, televising sewer lines and smoke testing. Smoke testing involves blowing smoke into manholes in the street that travels through the pipes and comes out where there are breaks and where roof downspouts, outside area drains, or foundation drains are connected to the sanitary sewers. During the field work, you may notice crews marking manholes and water inlets as well as survey equipment in the area. Surveys are conducted with minimal disturbance to customers. Crews place bright-colored door hangers at each property at least 48 hours in advance of the smoke testing.
The project identifies needed repairs to keep excess water out of the sanitary sewer system. If repairs aren’t made, rainwater will continue to enter the sanitary sewer system causing the untreated wastewater to backup into buildings and/or overflow into streams, rivers and lakes. For questions about the Town Fork Creek Neighborhood Sewer Rehabilitation Project, contact Julie Jenson, Water Services at (816) 513-0446 or