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Appreciation for the St. Pat's Warm-Up Parade

Enjoy this heartfelt letter:
"I wanted to tell you what this parade means to us. We are the people with the buggy pulled by a lawn mower. My husband Richard Price restored the buggy himself years ago and gave the buggy to our son Grady Price when we moved from our farm in Oklahoma to town. Each year we drive 400 miles round trip from Oklahoma to see him in the parade....some years we ride in the
buggy but we are getting too old to get in it. (We sold our buggy horse when we moved to town so Grady's brother adapted the buggy to be pulled by a lawn mower.) Grady wanted to honor our Irish heritage as well as proudly use his father's buggy in a parade and Grady lives in Brookside which was a perfect match. We love this parade and hope to see Grady and his family and friends in it for years.......Richard and Karyl Price of Grove, OK. (It makes us so happy that he wants to do this every year.)"