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Searching for a great exercise regimen doesn’t need to be a daunting task. Pure Pilates, 6310 Brookside Plaza, in the heart of the Brookside Shopping Center, caters to every level and individual’s needs. Owner Susan Hard and two dedicated instructors have been offering customized sessions for clients for 12 years. Open by appointment only, please call Monday-Saturday to schedule an appointment at 816-822-8991.

Teaching only the original Pilates method, in a one-on-one design, Pure Pilates guidance and execution allows the client to reach the greatest possible results. They celebrate uniqueness, and know that each of our bodies work in different ways, both inside and out.
With detailed instruction and a firm grasp on teaching techniques, Pure Pilates is a wonderful place to begin, rejoin or continue your path to a healthy life. Thank you for promoting healthy life choices in the core of Brookside.